Say hello to the primal folks of photography. Emerging through a rough dilution of film popularity, Lomography resurfaced with a sweet vengeance. Packed with a fun, bizarre and archaic breakthrough, Lomography made film photography bounce back to life with an eclectic twist.

Coming from a family of vintagey film snappies, Lomography makes you feel like poking into your grandfather’s knick-knacks. But don’t be fooled by its’ classic-ness. These lomo babies can still stretch it and be playful to fit today’s youth up to ages of all sorts. Give justice to what was once lost. Carry this and let yourself be taken to a happy place down memory lane.

Bursting with a combination of bliss and wonder, Lomography carries you back to juvenile making you feel oh-so-young and carefree again. Keep your hands on these babies and absorb its blissful bearing as it lets you go a trip down wonderland. Let your mind be blown away into who you were and what you love not so long ago.


Born with a mission of fostering literacy and promoting a greener environment, Snaps and Reads seeks to offer wide-range of titles including bestsellers, hard-to-find and out of print copies with the convenience of buying online at superbly low costs. Through the preservation and offering of pre-loved books, now, all shall have the chance to get copies of their favorite reads at affordable costs.

Technological advancements and way affordable e-readers and free reading applications paved the way for ebooks to evade the fancy for paper books. But say no more to expensive paper books as Snaps and Reads now offers affordable pre-loved and brand new bestsellers in superb condition.

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly opened paper book. Give these paper books a chance as they shine in their major comeback.

Feed your mind. Join the reading journey and let the pages transport you to different wonderful places readers never failed to love and come visit.



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